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How to make a robotic voice? Answered

I'm looking for a (free) way to make a robotic voice.

I know its a bit silly, but this was the only voice I could think of that sounded like what I'm looking for.

I would prefer if someone cold tell me of a way to make this with Speakonia or Audacity.

So, any ideas?


Never done it digitally, but as long as you don't need full-text, just canned phrases, all you need is a tape deck, guitar amp with some sort of line out (you might need an adapter-- 1/4 inch to 2-part RCA), a mic, and a distortion pedal. Set your distortion level and tone controls, then speak into the microphone. Once you're getting the output you want, record to tape and you're done. I suppose you could record straight to your computer, too, if your soundcard accepts analog. Of course, these other folks seem to have you covered with links to digital tools, so maybe my old school approach isn't necessary.

:-) well, I was about to mention an even "older School" method, but it is much more complex even then your suggestion: building a voice changer/scrambler from scratch....I have one schematic (unbuilt and unproven thus far), but it is not simple.

Randolfo did an Ible on this same chip for voice changing.

I don't know if it is online,  and it uses an IC that is no longer made.....

I just did my first instructable on "Make robot voices using free software". Here it is: https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Robot-voices-using-free-software/

In my opinion, Microsoft Sam is kind of like a robot voice, but the only problem is it is creepy and scares people including me.

I believe i've used morhvox successfully.

That's good! I had made one pretty close to what I was looking for, but I kept experimenting. If this can be used for animation, this is gonna be so much help!!!