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How to make a rocket stove? Answered

I've seen several sites on how to make a rocket stove, but they all seem to have video and my computer can't read video's until I change to many things. Is there a how to here? Thanks.



They seem to be made usually out of found materials, and vary greatly from builder to builder. They can be made from two soup cans, oil drums, ordinary wood stoves, or crazier.

https://www.instructables.com/id/Hobo_stove_hot_chocolate_maker/ Appears to be the most similar thing to a "rocket stove" on instructables.

However a quick search on google does turn up a few hits. Nothing explicit that I noticed, but there's a number of sites that explain how it works and what it is.

Google images "rocket stove" and get one,two, three,four (scroll down to page 20+) cross sections : )