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How to make a rocket that doesnt explodes? Answered

I want to make a rocket that will not eplode,but just push something 
And please i need it to be cheap 



You know,  A, this is one those problems that is central to the subject of rocket science, or, erm... aeronautical engineering, or whatever the kids are calling it these days, the problem of how to make a rocket that provides thrust, but does not go all expode-y  on ya.

In engineering there are often trade-offs, you can get this or that, but you can't get both.  Just like in in engineering school there are opportunities for good grades, a social life, and sleep, and you work hard you might be able to get two of those goals, but certainly not all three. That's just  impossible.

As I was saying.  When looking at rocket engines there are going to be tradeoffs between performance, safety, and low cost. 

If you want something that maximizes safety and low cost, then I'd probably go with something powered by compressed air; e.g. Kiteman's water rocket suggestion.

I mean really all the answer's here are good.  It's just that the more energy/power is involved, the more unsafe the rocket is going to be.

For those of you reading this, for whom cost and safety considerations are immaterial, may I suggest, Project Orion:


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thank you all!!!!!!


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IF YOU NEED MORE DETAIL I WILL BE MAKING AN INSTRUCTABLE SOON I just made this today and it was awesome, you need five pieces of pipe, three air tight caps that fit on the ends of the pipe, two connectors that are open on three ends ( a straight line with another straight line coming out of the middle at a 90 degree angle) baking soda, and vinegar, these are the materials for the rocket launcher and for the rocket you will need two soda bottles(not the big sizes but the size from the vending machine also not the cans), duct tape, glue gun and glue, and cardboard. First make the rocket by cutting the top off of one of your soda bottles, the top should be where the bottle begins to taper to the part you screw the lid onto. hot glue it to the the bottom of the other bottle. Next wrap duct tape all the way arond the bottle just below the middle. next cut out triangles from the card board and glue them equally around the bootle and oh yah make four of them and they will be the wings and glue them on the duct tape let it dry and now the rocket tis done. Now for the launcher, make the launcher in the shape of a tommy gun with three ends sealed off with the caps . Fill it up with vinegar put the rocket on the front and put the baking soda in the side, put the end cap back on and wait. It shold launch pretty well if the ends aresealed, thats it.

Mix sugar and potassium nitrate 50/50 and pack them into a heavy cardboard tube. get a fuse lite it and run.

You can get potassium nitrate from home depot or lowes as Spectracite Stump Remover.

Have fun.

Water rockets will work sideways rather well, don't explode, are seriously cheap to make, and are re-usable.

Buy rocket engines from a model shop.

Baking soda and vinegar small container with a small hole in it.