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How to make a seam on the edge of a raw piece of fabric? Answered

Hi I am trying to make a custom Cert/ Search and rescue vest. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a seam like on this vest (the black border) . Please let me know what its called and how to do it. I plan on using cordura. 



Best Answer 7 years ago

If the black is sewn between two pieces of orange fabric - and you can't see any stitching on the black - it's probably 'piping'.

If you can see where it's sewn onto the orange fabric, it may be 'bias tape'... which is a strip of fabric cut on the bias (45 degrees from the threads of the fabric) and folded. Why does it matter? Because bias stretches and makes going around corners very much easier.... it doesn't make little pleats on curves.

Fabric stores sell bias tape in lots of colors and bias tape making tools in many sizes. If you're going to use a coated cordura fabric, for the black, it will be difficult to make the tape yourself because it doesn't crease well.... and five layers or cordura may be more than your sewing machine can handle.

I suggest going to your local fabric store with this picture and explaining what you want. Go when they aren't busy. The sales people can show you alternatives to the cordura for finishing the edges. They can also advise you on the settings for your machine and the best kinds of needles for sewing coated fabrics.

What CERT group are you with?

Yes, definitely "piping" and usually using "Bias Binding". It can be quite difficult if you have none or little sewing experience. I havn't heard of cordura but if it has a straight edge, it won't go round corners or bends, very well and would stand up "proud" from the edge, rather than lying flat as the example you show.

Take a ribbon of black fabric. Sew it along the edge of orange fabric. Wrap it over edge, tucking the free edge of the fabric back in between the orange and black if it's too wide. Sew down, encapsulating raw edges. Done.

Making the curves work out nicely is a bit more complicated, but that's the basic idea. Of course you don't need the ribbon, unless you particularly like the look; you can just roll the orange fabric's edge over and sew that down.

Serging, basically.