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How to make a simple 1 channel Remote control? Answered

Hey guys,

Basically I need to make a single channel RC, all it has to do it turn a light bulb on at the other end.

I have got the transmitter and receiver ( VY48C 433MHz Tx/Rx Pair). my electronics knowledge is pretty basic, I need a decent diagram to follow, it would need to have the resistor values on it as well as the names of the other bits I need. the light it is going to be use for is a simple household 9V bulb, the range needs to be up to 10M. It is just an on off switch RC so please keep it basic as I am on a tight budget. Please don't tell me it would be cheaper and easier to hack a toy, I know that and have done it all before but this is to be used in a theater show so mush be a custom build.

Also I need to get this done by next week.

Thanks all


If you'd had longer and didn't have to have it done by this weekend I'd have suggested some of the radio stuff from Ciseco. I've been playing with it this week and it's dead easy.

One of these:
And two of these:
And one of these:

Would have you up and running in minutes. Probably not the cheapest option though.

You'll also need an FTDI interface to program them, but if you're talking to Steve about programming microcontrollers it's likely you have that.


Answer 5 years ago

I am in West Kent, I have found this website http://www.serasidis.gr/circuits/RF_remote_control/RF_remote_control.htm that seems to do what I need but its the same as before, I don't know the Diagram symbols or the equivalences of the mini-controllers ect.

Too far to come and use my workshop under supervision. Yes, the link you have is the right way to do it, but you are starting from where you are now.

If you'd asked, I'd've recommended this

Could I not just use the link I found but switch out their TX and RX for mine or do they work differently? If I need to make my own up what would I need to make it? IE what size resistors and capacitors.

Thanks for your help so far Steve :)

Depends if you have access to all the programming tools for the specific AVR they've used, and you have the time, and you have the experience. If this thing takes you as little as a day to build, debug and test, you'll be very lucky. That's 56 quid at minimum wage plus another 25 in bits

You can have the thing working for not much more than 30 quid, and not suffering from co-channel interference.


Answer 5 years ago

how would I play tones through it?

Get a 555 timer, and build it so it generates 1kHz - push that into the TX pin, I think you could probably use a push button to power the 555 and the transmitter at the same time.

Would a NE555N timer work? I'm trying to source all my items from one place, Maplin is my closest shop so I'm using them but they don't seem to have a clue on how the stuff they sell works. I know it seems a bit silly, but could you possibly wright down what I would need to buy to make the two circuits please.

NE555N is a 555 timer. I don't know if they'll have the 567, being as Maplin is completely and utterly useless for anything. Try Farnell for that.

Where are you in the UK ?


They transmit/receive a serial stream from one to the other. You'll need to do something similar, perhaps using a 555 time to generate 1kHz tones, and play them into the transmitter. At the other end, you can decode the tone and use that to trigger your lamp. Use an LM567 as the decoder.

Not dead simple I'm afraid.

I was reading up on the circuit I would need to make and it was saying to use a standard push button switch to turn the lamp on and off, could I just use that method? Also would I need to use a encoder and decoder? do you have any schematics I could follow?

Tanks for a quick response! :)