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How to make a simple DC device that opens and closes? Answered

Hey all I'm making a new project for Halloween '09. I'm making a better Ironman. remember how he makes his missile launcher open and close on his arm? Well I need to know what the best way to go about this? Also what kind of servo would I need to use?


build that thing with a bolt thru its center so that you change its mode by spinning the bolt connect the tip of the bolt with some glue gun or silicone to a 3V DC motor from a toy (they usually have not bad RPM)

That might be a way too. but I'm thinking I would still have a problem of space. Anyway particular config you recommend?

internal 'flower' that tends to open and external pipe that keeps it closed. the bolt is connected to one so that it can spin in place (not screw in or out) and the nut is connected firmly to the other when you spin it the flower slides out of the pipe and opens you can place the motor in the flower (kinda in reverse). if its visible paint it gray to make it look 'technical'


9 years ago

(got a film clip? Haven't seen the movie.)

How much are you willing to spend? In approximate order of increasing cost:
1) eject mechanism from salvaged CD drive.
2) re-purposed surplus motor unit like This door lock actuator.
3) General purpose gearmotor with homebrew electronics and mechanical linkage.
4) RC Hobby servo motors (with some homebrew electronics.)

Well for '09 halloween. I'm thinking about something nice, like a servo but I have plenty of old CD drives, but heres the thing, would I have to create a circuit board? Also how would I make the arm piece pop up just like the video Alex-sharetskiy put up? Can I also make some type of Pneumatic device to shoot some type of darts? Maybe straw ones but how heavy would it be? Thanks for your respose