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How to make a simple microphone circuit? Answered

I want to make a simple circuit with a microphone that just takes your voice and sends it to a speaker. I just want to understand how to hook up a mic.  I know it will either be very quiet or silent, but like i said, i just want to know how to connect it. (I already know how to make the amp.)Thanks in advance.


The attached circuit diagram was pulled from the Wiki article. 10 Kohm is typical value for the resistor.  Also I have seen designs that don't use the DC blocking capacitor.  These just look like a voltage divider made from a 10K resistor and the electret mic.


That depends on the type of microphone you are using. Is it a:
1.) Dynamic ?
2.) Electret ?
3.) Electrostatic ?
4.) Piezo ?
5.) Carbon ?
Most likely it will be from 1-4, but probably 1 or 2. Give me an idea of the type and I will help you the best I can.


Here's a LINK to a page that will do exactly what you want. Use the second schematic on the page.


Microphone to amplifier to speaker. Needs to be a fairly strong amplifier, so the usual approach is actually microphone to preamp to amp to speaker.