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How to make a solar powered light to hang from my canvas gazebo roof? Roof is solid so power source has to be outside. Answered

This is your standard pitched roof canvas gazebo with a small canvas vent at top. I want to have chandelier-type light hanging from roof for lighting when we hang out there at night but all the lights I see on the market have the cell attached directly to the light. I need the power source to be attached but remote from the actual light (think chandelier). Please help.


Not exactly what you have in mind: https://www.instructables.com/id/Solar-Powered-Night-Lights/

This guy made a bunch of extension cables moving the leds themselves from the small lanterns to the remote location (in house). You can get these things for 1-2 dollars a piece. Not a terrible plan if you want 'LOW' lighting.

Otherwise, build your own:

All solar systems use similar components - panel(s), charge controller, battery, and a load (either inverter for 110/220v or 12v) You could convert a chandelier to led/cfl, and run that off of 12 volts easily. The panel, battery, and controller you need would depend on the load you intend to apply.

Thanks so much for your ideas! We'll give it a try.

Document what you do, and post an ible, or forum topic - whether it works or not!!!