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How to make a static electricity discharge pad? Answered

Is there an expensive way to make an electrostatic discharge pad that I can simply touch before working on my laptop? I discharge myself by touching the screw on a lightswitch plate upon entering my office, but there is always more static that builds as I walk across the carpet to my laptop. My laptop has hung a couple of times because of this and I'm afraid I'm going to fry something for good one of these days.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Touching anything that is grounded and metal will solve the problem. If you are going through the trouble of making something you should always connect a 10M Ohm resistor (all commercial straps have this internal) to a metal plate then connect that to ground (third wire on the plug in the wall). This resistor prevents shocks (so that you are not grounded while working, more of a protect for those wearing static wrist straps) and limits the "spark" when the static discharges so you do not notice it. Or you could always buy a static mat for your desk but that is a bit excessive unless you are working on internals. Maybe just a static wrist strap in your desk drawer wired to the ground of a plug in that you could touch before working. Cold water pipes and third wire on the plug in are good grounds usually. I have never heard about fire escapes but it sounds logical.


9 years ago

Take a piece of metal, be it flat or pipe or even tinsolder a long wire to it and run the wire to outsideconnect that end of the wire to another piece of metal pipehammered a foot or so into the ground. Then by touching the first piece of metal in your house it grounds you to the earth and discharges you of any charge.


10 years ago

You could gold-plate everything in your office. Wait... do you mean INexpensive? heh. Do you have a large piece of metal in the room? Can you run a cable/wire out the window to a fire escape? Keeping the room humid might help. When I worked on my desktop I would always just touch the metal case before I grabbed anything internal. If you just find a piece of metal that you can tie a cable too, and then run the cable to something grounded you should be fine. You could even get all artsy with it so it's more of a functional desk sculpture.