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How to make a strobe effect for that LED strip to use for a magic or time fountain? Answered

So, i bought a long LED strip with RGB, many colours, and some modes = fade, smooth, 1 of them is "strobe". I want to know how to put that in use to make a magic/time fountain... I dont get the electrical/scheme part that much so if any1 can help what piece should i buy and where to solder it, so i make a strobe effect, strong enough to use and put to make a magic/time fountain, thanks! The Leds i bought are exactly the same as those: http://www.amazon.com/SUPERNIGHT-Changing-Flexible-Remote-Control/dp/B00BP4DUMU/ref=sr_1_25?ie=UTF8&qid=1436227822&sr=8-25&keywords=led+strip at least the small white control box is the same on the outside, i made fotos on the inside so anybody who understands it can give me a hand :P .. if i manage to find something about how to make that strobe effect ill write back! thanks in advance!


All that is pre set on the board's micro controller. Nothing you can do to change any of that. May be best to get a single strip of single color LEDs for this.

Don't understand your issue. If you want it to strobe then set it to stobe and be done. If the strip has to cycle through the features to get to strobe when you first turn it on then you'll need to make a buy another controller that only turns them on and off rapidly.

Yeah for a "Magic Fountain" you need far more percise, Custom, timing. Check the Instructable on the side of your page

With no experience at all you are better off buying a suitable controller.