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How to make a sugar free cake? Answered

I can't eat sugar or honey, and I've tried recipe books recipes, but they always come out very dense, and heavy. Does anyone know how to make a sugar free cake, using splenda, etc, that is light and airy like a box cake mix?



Substituting real sugar for splenda in a recipe should not affect the finished cake at all.

For an easy cake I recommend a Quatre quarts cake, It may be a pound cake of sorts but it is not a dense cake. Once you've done it once you can whip one up in less than 15 minutes as you can remember the recipe with ease!

Good luck and have fun! =D

I think I'll try this and see. I think the "adding egg whites that have been beaten" part should maybe help "lighten" the cake up some.

It would most defiantly make the cake lighter in texture and colour. Remember to fold the whites in though ;) Making cakes from scratch is a dream once you get the hang of it, It may take a couple of crap cakes but you will get there and it would be worth it. It's also healthier, I can't help but think what kind of nasties that really don't need to be that are in box mix not to mention making your own cakes tastes better!

Ahh, Also remember the trick to that recipe working is to use equal quantities so only beat the egg whites from the eggs with have weighed.

Also weigh the eggs in there shell, not cracked. I'm not sure if that website made it very clear.


Oh also sorry (One more post hehe) If you haven't got scales get them, they really don't cost much and you'll never really get a perfect cake and it opens you up to alot more recipes.

I wonder why that is. I asked a friend who is also sugar free and she said that almost all of the recipes that she uses are all coffee cakes and such that are kinda dense. Good tasting I'll have to say but not light. Have you tried just subbing for sugar and using the same rec.?

I never made a cake from scratch that didn't turn out heavy and dense. Trying to make a chocolate cake.