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How to make a tabletop firepit? Answered

Saw this somewhere-a garden or diy site-can't find it now. Uses a can of sterno (or other gel fuel), a small fireproof container, and pebbles or rocks to hide the sterno can. One ends up with a mini-firepit that can be used inside-more as an accent piece than for light or warmth,of course.The flames appear through the pebbles on top. I'm new here-not certain where/how to post. Can any of the geniuses on this site help me? I would be eternally grateful...



Best Answer 6 years ago

You can find this on Curbly.com or follow link

Tabletop fire pit.jpg

Thank you! Thank you-I've been looking for this for years.Was beginning to think I'd lost what was left of the tiny mind.. I certainly appreciate the info-and the time/effort you took to help!