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How to make a tube amp? Answered

Hello I'm looking for a simple tube amp schematic.
I have the following tubes for use:
6zh1p-e (5pcs)
6n2p (2pcs)
6n 14p
ecc85 (2 pcs)

I'm looking for a good schematic and as powerfull as it can be



Best Answer 6 years ago

Google " # tube amp schematic" but insert each of your tube numbers inplace of the # symbol. I'm not going to spend the time to do if for you.

I build tube amps alot and the tubes are seldom a large part of the cost of an amp.  The costly part of the amp often costing half are the two transformers needed.  The power trans and the output trans.  There are ways to get by without them but then the design suffers.

Take a look at the right hand side of the page.


the problem is that I want to use just the tubes that I have so i dont spend money on other tubes

In all the ones you've looked at on Instructables, not one uses any of the valves you have ?