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How to make a typical dutch hat? Answered

For a costume party we need to make typical dutch hats. The white ones they used to where in the old times with the two wings. Kind of like this one: http://www.maxcostumes.com/p-2686-dutch-girl-hat.aspx


Since the original is starched lace, why don't you do it that way? Use two squares of white fabric. You could use cloth napkins. They need to be sewn together on two sides so you have a pointed cone with two tales. It doesn't have to be fancy sewing, just run a hand stitch up one side, turn the corner and sew down the next side, then turn it inside out. You can pull the thread out afterwards and wash the napkins. They won't be damaged so you can still use them as napkins after the party. You could just safety pin the two sides together and turn it inside out if you don't want to sew it. You could also just cut the corner off of an old white pillowcase. You really won't need to finish the cut edges, as the starch will keep it from fraying during the party. If you want to wash it and use it again, you will need to finish those edges. Blow up a balloon to the size of your head. Get two sturdy objects, like a couple of cans of soup and two rubber bands. Put a rubber band near the top edge of each can and put them on either side of the balloon. Dip the fabric in starch, pull it over the balloon, and lift the corners up in a curve Anchor them on the soup cans by pulling the tip of the corner under the rubber band. Then, just let it dry.

I happen to be part Dutch, but I'm not an expert on it. That particular one is not a traditional dutch hat, it's actually supposed to be made out of lace so it looks like the shape of that one but different material, then they starched. Altogether it actually looks like a stiff doily hat, and it's so funny to look at, lol.

I find the best way to make clothing is to start with old paper grocery bags and masking tape.This way you can try out several things without wasting cloth. Step 1. Put your head in the paper bag. Step 2. Cut away the excess paper, and use to close the holes and force it to your head shape. Step 3. Embellish the shape with additional pieces of paper until you have the desired look (in this case a pointed top and curved brim). Step 4. Cut apart the form into components that will lay fairly flat (the portions with the greatest curvature will require the most cuts). Step 5. Retrace the shapes on another paper bag. Step 6. Reassemble the second set of cut outs with tape and check the fit and look. Step 7. Repeat steps 4-6 with fabric and stitching (remember to leave a little extra fabric on the edges of each piece where the seams will be).

First I'd like to straighten out something. The hat on the picture, or 'hul' as it is called officially, is not a typical dutch hat since it is only worn in one town called Volendam. But it works great as a marketing object to tourists ;). I've never made it, but by looking at it I did come up with an idea to make it. You'll need some metal wire and some white cloth. Step 1: From the metal wire make a frame that has the typical wings and the pointy bended tip, make it go all the way around your head so that it stands out. Step 2: Put the cloth on the frame. It will be easiest to do it in two parts, the right and the left half. Step 3: Try it on and bend the frame until it is in the right shape. (You could also add the string under the chin, but the original doesn't have that.) Let me know if you found it useful and if it worked out.