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How to make a vertical moving shelving system Answered

The wall against which i will install my kitchen has a niche about 1 mt wide X 0,45 mt in depth going from floor to ceiling. I would like to install a 2 level shelving system that moves vertically to hold conveniently lets say a coffee maker, a food mixer and other appliances. Any suggestion about components to make a durable thing? I am thinking about a counterbalanced braked manual moving system with linear gear, chains and weight or a servo system with integrated gear reducer, 12 volt motor, stroke limiter, 220v-12V converter and command , plus a linear guide. Any idea is welcome


1. How much vertical travel do you want? 2. What is the distance from the lowest shelf to the floor? 3. How fast do you want it to move? 4. Can you weld or have it welded?

Vertical travel would be approx 0,6m leaving 0,3m available from floor level to the lowest shelf in low position. For the speed it's enough to make the trip in 5-6 secs so 0,1m/s would be enough. I may have someone to weld the thing together. Thanks for your question, I actually had not thought yet at these specs.


Answer 8 years ago

I had an idea after sending this post: I could use the rails and motor system taken from a car equipped with automatic seat forth/back movement. Basically it should be enough to weld a couple of shelf holder on the seat part of the mechanics and then fix the rails to the side walls of the niche. Anybody with experience in use of that part / suggestion on the vehicle brand/model to find the sturdiest ones( maybe with metal gear instead of plastic)?

That's not a bad place to start.