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How to make a video transmitter/receiver? Answered

I need a small compact and light video transmitter, but i dont want to empty my wallot... because i need to buy a ,motorbike, anyway, is it possible to build a simple ish one, that sends video and audio, or just video i dont really mind about the audio, but not very complicated? i just need a range of ~60 metres... thanks


recently I built a satilite dish. Just tell me and I'll teach you how to make a super cheap most effective receiver out of like junkie cheap materials.

hi. i doin college project Digital camera with wireless LCD.i facing problem to video transmiter/receiver. and how to buy LCD Receiver.i need help ...

those are quite cheap! the problem is internet... :|

why can't you buy things online? no credit card? just go to the grocery store or 7/11 and buy a prepaid debit card!

lol in grocery stores here we cant even pay with cradit card... i live in the poorest rich country... xD I'll ask this guy i know that has some mini cams with wireless... he went on hollydays but now hes back...

become a ham radio operator and get into A.T.V. Slow scan or fast scan television. sstv is still pics fstv is like what you see on regular TV

There IS a book-Spy Gadgets For The Evil Genius. This book has everything you need. Go to the library nearest you, or get online to check it out. Or you could order/buy it at www.atomiczomie.com. This book has RC robots, bugs, transmitters, recievers, lasers, binoculars-you name it.

thanks but it's too big... and i cant guy things from the net...