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How to make a water level indicator? Answered

I want to make a water level indicator without sensors or ic. I want to make it with switches. I have a switch in which we have to press the switch to turn it on and if we leave it, then it turns off. So i can connect the switches with the leds and power it with a 9v battery. Please can you make the wiring diagram for this.


You will need more than a switch to indicate the level electrically. You kind of need some sort of sensor to help determine where the water level is at.

If your trying to avoid using a sensor and a micro controller to read the sensor and light the required LEDs then do it the old fashion way.

Drill a hole towards the base of the container and one towards the top of the container. Fasten a plastic elbow in each hole like the one here. Then place a clear plastic tube between the 2 elbows. This will clearly show you the water level in a tank.

The place where I live is horrible. I can hardly find LEDs here but I hav some though. Please can you tell this via images.

Please sir

Then keep it simple and make an indicator using a couple of angle pipes and a clear tub. Set up something like the image below. 

Another option is to put a larger hole in the top of the tank with with a PVC pipe going from the hole to just above the bottom of the tank. In the pipe you put a smaller diameter capped off pipe that will float. You can then mark that smaller pipe with measurements to indicate the water level of the tank. As the water level drops the pipe will sink indicating how high the water level is. This second option can allow debris into the tank but you can always take the measuring stick out of the tube and cap that off. Then measure the level as needed.


I have to indicate it in something like that in the photo but without sensors or microcontrollers.

Sorry for the inconvenience


it requires sensors???
that are or will never be available near my house

cut the top of a waterbottle and put it in the most rainy bit of the area.

If you only have to sense one level, then you can use a "float switch", which you can make with a ping-pong ball and a microswitch.

For more than one level, you COULD have multiple balls...