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How to make an L-shaped shower curtain rod? Answered

 How do I make a L-shaped shower curtain rod? I do not mind an industrial look. (raw pipes) The size is 29" x 29". I need to make it by Thanksgiving. I dont want to have to use a support bar, but i will if i need to. 



Best Answer 8 years ago

Use 1" OD threaded galvanized pipe, with flat fittings on the two ends to mount to the wall, and a simple elbow for the corner.  This will give you a "totally" industrial look :-/ 

If you have the option, you should use long lag bolts to anchor the ends directly into studs, rather than using molly bolts or toggles with drywall.

You will definitely want to use a support bar (a long eyelet lag-bolted into a ceiling joist) at the corner.  This isn't about supporting the weight of the curtain, it's about dealing with the person in the shower who slips and grabs the curtain as they fall.  You want them to pull the curtain off the rod, not pull the whole iron rod down onto their head.

You could use copper-tube and a pipe-bender. No additional support might work, but you'd be better-off with one.