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How to make an LED Flashlight burn things without extra components like DVD or CD Rom Diodes? Answered

My friend got an Led flashlight and he opened it up and messed around with a chip inside and he made it burn things. Is there a way to turn mine into one too without new components, Like New diodes, DVD or CD Rom Diodes. Mine runs on 3 AAA Batteries and powers 9 LEDs Here is a picture of a similar model


I don't think you can burn things with ordinary LED's. You will need high power laser diode to burn stuff. Ask your friend how he did it.

Ask your friend. If already did and they said you'd need new diodes: they're right. L

"My friend..." Uh, huh.

Tell you what you do.

  • Open the flashlight
  • Remove the LED assembly and lens cover
  • Remove the batteries
  • Purchase a mini-torch
  • Insert the mini-torch into the flashlight housing

Now you can burn things with your flashlight.