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How to make an LED circuit that switches between different colored lights when flipping a switch? Answered

So here's the thing: I've made multiple series circuits that turn run off of a 12v power supply and I wired a simple two-state switch into it so the lights would turn on when I pressed down the button. It currently uses 3 LEDs and one 82 ohm resistor. I want to make a circuit that can switch between multiple different colored LEDs. For example: have one blue LED and when I flip the switch a little bit, it switches to a red LED, and flipping it again switches it to a green LED (I know about different LED voltages btw, that's just an example).

I figure I'll need some kind of three-state switch or something? I don't know what parts I would need or how I would wire them up so any help would be appreciated. I'll answer any questions about the project you have since I know I didn't explain it well.


I'm sure this is a stupid question, but what is the clear cathode used for on these LEDs?

Its the common terminal for the three colours, in this case.

So I would wire the positive wires to the three resistors, then the resistors to the three respective color terminals, and the common terminal leads to the negative side of the power supply? Or have I just completely misunderstood it haha?

What happened to the switch ? But fundamentally, that's about right

Well I was just leaving it out in my example cause I don't know very much about circuits so I'm trying to keep it all simple in my mind haha. But I'll have two switches in the final build; a three position switch to control the colors; and a simple on/off rocker switch to cut off all the voltage so it won't stay lit the whole time it's plugged in.

It is actually to mix the red, green, and blue colors so you can get seven different colors.

Yes, it sounds like you need a three position switch., three leds and three resistors.