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How to make an LED equalizer? Answered

I want to do this, but I also want to add a full body (not neck) LED equalizer on it. I want minimal plastic showing on the front.
How can this be done?


so exactly what LED equalizer projects on here are inadequate? There are some pretty intense projects out there. If you want 'minimalism' - I'd recommend addressable led strips because its all surface mount and waterproof, flexible, and bright.

Have you some super tiny ones in mind - I have an idea I could use them for.....


I've got some ws2801 based strips off sparkfun for discount because the waterproofing cracked.

My strips:

They're not cheap but they take a LOT of load off the main driver by pwming each led individually with correct current.

What I bought:

...the equivalent isn't showing up in search but I bet other china websites carry them.

Looking RIGHT now. I found a US supplier allegedly speccing his own on Ebay.

I just tend to avoid buying from within USA...everything gets stopped at the border. The Canadian govt is afraid of upsetting china so NOTHING gets stopped for customs fees from China for me :)