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How to make an LED small, mountable thingy?? Answered

I want to use something LED inside a stone. The stone reacts very well to lighting but I'd like something the user could turn on or off, or even fade to different colors. I HAVE NO experience with LED's so any intro's or help would be great. Thanks!


Simple on-off is easy -- a battery and switch are all you need. For complicated fades or color changes, you will need to learn some basic electronics.

If you want to find projects that you can use to learn how the components work, before embarking on your own, why not look at the "LED" section of this site?

Look for "throwies" for the simplest possible examples; the "LED wine charms" are similarly simple. For color fading, you should search for "RGB LEDs".

Where Can I get a switch? I'd LOVE to learn to do this myself. I just have no clue where to start. Any suggestions? The stones will be 3-5" long 3-4" high and 5-7" long. I'd like blue lighting that the customer can simply turn on and off. But eventually fading would probably be nice too.

You can walk into any hardware store and buy on-off switches. You can walk into any electronics store and buy LEDs, including blue ones (or white, green, red, or yellow).

If you don't want to deal with human cashiers, you can buy these things online, for example from DigiKey, Jameco or even Amazon.