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How to make an adapter to use a usb printer on a parallel port print server? Answered

I have a Netgear Ps110 parallel port print server. However  my printer is an all in one HP K80. Is there any way I can make an adapter to connect the two of them?


Thanks guys. I think I'll just buy a new print server. 

Making such an adapter means building a circuit with either an FPGA or a programmable microcontroller to translate the serial data coming down the USB (that's what the "S" means) into parallel signals.  You can buy parallel/USB adapters pretty easily.  Google is your friend.

It sounds like the querant is looking to go the other way: use a server with only parallel port output to drive a printer that has only USB port input.

If so... then a microcontroller is your best bet. You need something that has enough brains to handle the USB protocol, while also managing the (much simpler) handshaking to read from the parallel port.

Not having worked with USB at that level, I can't advise in detail.

Thanks guys. Now I think it might be cheaper to just get a new print server. 

You're right.  I read it too fast.  I still suspect that searching and buying a commercial product is going to be cheapest.

Purchase a USB to parallel converter.

I've got one of these hooking an older HP printer up to my usb port.  Works like a charm.