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How to make an audio equalizer? Not a VU meter Answered

I want to make an audio equalizer. But when I search for equalizer, I always find a VU meter.
Can anyone tell me how to make a equalizer with at least 5 channels.
It is to tune the sound but not showing how loud it is.
It should be portable.

It is better if there is a VU meter(optional) and not arduino!



6 years ago

After reading your question,

I get the feeling you would like more then a mixer..
You want to connect five true audio compressors into a mixer.
Each channel  able to tie to track a selected channels as master and
to maintain and track all frequency channels amplitude levels once 
individually set by you for the duration of a session in response to
designated master channel.

The best compressors used an op-amp driven incandescent lamp on
the desired channel and an LDR as the automatic gain control for each
of the other signal channels...  Very straight forward electronics.



Answer 6 years ago

+1, essentially they do the same thing; one splits the bands for visualization, the other splits them, attenuates them separately, then recombines the signals. the hard part IS the splitting as far as I'm concerned and that's where the circuits are the same.