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How to make an extern small lcd screen and use it for simple informations (mail reception or msn discussion...) ? Answered

I saw this in many gadgets and I want to do it by my self... Is there a way to use an old PSP's (or telephone's) LCD screen and connect it to the computer then display some informations on it?
Please help me, and thanks a lot.


I'm working on setting up a Chumby as a standalone device for similar things. If you're in the US, Best Buy has Insignia-branded Chumbys for $70 (were $100, then $50 in late 2010).

Not nearly as low-level a solution as a Nokia screen or PSP, but it's another option.

SOME phone screens can be attached to a computer - the Nokia 3310 screens are a joy to do that with, PSP, no, you need a lot of electronics from in the PSP to drive the screen.


So I'll try using a nokia 3310 screen, thanks for the advice

a psp with custom firmware can be programmed for, and you can use the usb link to fire up a serial terminal connection -- you're not driving the screen per se, you're sending data for the psp to render...

otherwise you need the physical hardware to allow a computer to speak serial to the lcd, and software to send commands to tell the screen what to do.