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How to make an iPod Touch 4g look like an iPhone 4? Answered

Hi, I have a. iPod Touch 4g 32gb White and I kind of want to make it look like an iPhone 4, mainly just because I like the feel and look of them but don't have the cash to purchase one. Right now I have a cookiecase, which is pretty nice, but it makes it to thick. 
Any ideas how I can do this? I was thinking maybe a type of clay, mold it onto it, slip a metal band onto it and paint it, but I dont really want it to be permanent...


I have actually thought about this, and it *should* be entirely possible to take an ipod touch, and mount it in an iphone casing. This could be done by buying an iphone 4, either broken, or a goof KIRF. Then you would disassemble the ipod touch, and put all the components inside the iphone 4. That would be the hardest, but most awesome solution (one I really want to try one day)..

You could design a custom case for it, have it sent to be 3d printed, forge a metal band for it and add even add some heft if you wanted...

Thanks, I think that would be a really good idea, but what about the dock conecter? Would it line up and just have an ident, or what?

Where would a 3D printer be located? How would I design one? Sorry, I know, alot of Q's. Is there an instructable on it?

The dock connector should be alright, you just have to base off the dimensions of the touch.

You can send things off to 3d printer services (ponoko is one). You can design one in many programs (I really don't have enough experience in this to tell you how to do it or what to do it in. Search how to 3d print iphone case, there was a recent ible on how to do it, and could be modified to fit the touch.)

I see. Well, I just looked over multiple 'Ibles, and I think that if I did that, I would fail terribly. Maybe I actually could use a clay model, but not quite sure how I would keep the round buttons from popping out

I think you make a custom case, like what astroboy907 said, but it should be an Iphone 4 case, and put your ipod in it. There will be a gap, but if you customize it, you could do this, have a place for the ipod, and put like a wall that holds back the ipod, and the extra space for putting your accecories, like earbuds and stuff. On the back there should be a "door" so you could take things in and out. I hope you get what im saying.