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How to make an instructable featured Answered

Could someone pl tell me how an instructable gets listed as 'Featured' instructable?


  • If you write it well (spelling, grammar, imagination)
  • If you photograph it well (in focus, macro as needed, well-lit)
  • If it is original.
  • If it has that undefinable "cool" factor.
  • If it appeals to one of the Feature Team...

Then it can get featured.

We're a bunch of folk who help out around the place.

(We call ourselves the Community Team now, since that better reflects what we do.)

The explanation of featurable's now in the submit page aswell, however props for the most concise answer yet...

I have a feeling that some people scroll that whole page without reading it.

I suspect so, probably get a few points in and think boilerplate, though it's actually a pretty good guideline page though suspiciously heavy on loading...

oh! the 'Featured' banners weren't showing up for me anymore. i assumed they had been 'unfeatured' lol. thanks for explaining this!

why were a couple of mine featured, and then a couple of days later, they weren't featured anymore? *confused*

Which ones?  In your profile, it appears you have seven published I'bles, of which two were featured (i.e., they have the "featured" banner along the upper left corner of the image).

If you're asking why they weren't on the I'bles front page any more, that's just time passing.  The ones shown are those most recently featured.  Eventually yours become older than "most recent."

kiteman has the answer!

i cant believe i missed this thanks for bringing it up

Along with a well written Instructable; if you want to catch the Feature Team's eyes, then make your Intro (First photo) your best ever. Include a close up of the finished project; whatever it may be, and show it in a way that will catch the eyes of anyone browsing through the search results.

Kiteman has covered it, but I would pay attention to the last point. If you can fill a gap with something the site doesn't have, that isn't easy to find anywhere else (the top 3 points considered) a good work will usually get featured. Not that I've been trying, but if you look at my recent instructables, the featured ones tend to fit that description. L