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If I hook up a webcam to a walky talky (two way radio) or a wireless router could it be used as a wireless camera? Answered

If I hook up a webcam to the microphone part of walky talky and attach a screen to the speaker part of the other one will it send video like an rc cam? Also if i hook webcam up to a wireless router could i watch it on my computer?Anothe idea of mine is athe bottom could you tell me if it would work



6 years ago

im wondering if it might be possible if sending through an a/v cable, the vidoeo wire only takes 2 wires. possibly allowing the walkie talkie to transmit the signal; to the other one. you would just need to plug it into a tv though on the other end.

how are you planing to attach the camera to the oscillator?

Unless you have magical powers, then no...

contact the ARRL they are into that kind of stuff www.arrl.org


9 years ago

no.... the sytem is designed to send audio, not video. you can use video senders or a real wireless camera to do this job.