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How to make custom dental tray? Answered


There is an instructable on how to make a cast of teeth.


I would like to know how to make dental trays from the casting to use for teeth whitening instead of the generic trays that come in whitening kits.




3 years ago

I would also like to know how to create a good custom mold out of silicone for teeth whitening. I have watched a few videos on casting, but couldn't find anything on making silicone mold specifically for this purpose. I think it might have to take trial and error, and finding the right material for the job by trying different things out.

Any suggestions would be helpful!


4 years ago

There is plastic and soft plastic available that is foramable when hot.
3D printers for example use PLA filament, a flat sheet of it heated in boiling water can be put into any shape you like.
Most trays for home kits work the same way, you heat them in water any when they are cooling down you press them on your teeth to give them the final form.
You can also use silicone for the job.
Make a cast for your teeth, from there make a positive (maybe with wax to keep it simple) and use the positive form in the casting form of the final tray.
Should be enough to have about 3mm of silicone for this job.
But be aware that a "perfect" fit is not always wanted for this.
The gel used produces foam and oxygen bubbles a tray that is too tight on the tooth will squeeze most of the gel out so you have little action.
UV activated gel also requires a tray that is not blocking out UV, no clue if clear silicone is suitable as I could only find that silicone is UV resistant.


4 years ago

I guess you would need to figure out what kind of plastic that the generic ones are made out of and duplicate that so there is no odd reaction to the chemicals. Is there any way to maybe heat soften the generic tray for better fit? I've seen on *bay DIY retainer kits, don't know what good they are.