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How to make double pane windows at home? Answered

Hi all,

I want to request an instructable about how one can create a double or triple paned windows at home.
More specifically what i want to know is, How one can create vacum or fill a specific gas between mutiple panes on the window to improve insulation and energy efficiency.

Many thanks in advance



6 years ago

Another solution that is often used in colder climates is a plastic film insulation. Double stick tape is stuck to the window frame and then a thin film is stretched over it. It is stuck to the tape on the sides. A heat gun or hair dryer is then used to heat the film which shrinks it until it is drum tight. The film is completely transparent and does not effect being able to see. It creates a large air pocket that acts as an insulator and also prevents drafts and leakage from the windows. It can be pretty durable and is easy to replace if it gets torn. Holes can be repaired with regular tape.  The only drawback is that you can't open the window.

Here is a sample of how it works

You don't use vacuum. You rely on the small space between the panes to reduce convection losses, and the high insulation value of the air does the rest. You CAN use argon to fill the panels, but the chief benefit of that is that its a dry gas, I don't really think the R value changes that signifcantly.

What you REALLY need is something called "K" glass, which is specially coated to block certain wavelengths of IR, and pass others, so sunlight goes in, but the longer wave IR in the room stays where it is. Presumably, in hot climates, you can put the glass in backwards !

Adding "secondary" double glazing, an extra glass inside the existing frame, can make quite a big difference - there's an Instructable on the right here for it.


Many thanks Steve for your quick answer to my question.
Yes, My Intended use is that of installing such windows in Hot atmospheres, In my country temperature can rise up to 45 - 48 degrees Celsius and still everyone uses conventional single pane and ordinary glass windows.

I have also gone through the Glazed windows instructable on this site and found it useful.

Kind regards and thanks once again.


I've worked in Egypt a lot, and I was amazed at the lack of insulation !

If you're going into business doing it, there are special materials you can buy that make double glazing unit making trivial.

If I were doing it just for me, I'd try secondary glazing, before I did double.