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How to make garlic tea for cold and flue symtoms ? Answered



If you think garlic will help - chew it raw for maximum effect. Otherwise do as steve' suggests, perhaps "Garlic Tea recipe"


If I take raw garlic, I cheat with the jar of minced and take about a half teaspoon, then chase it immediately with tomato juice.  It's a bit strong to chew raw, but has the best effect that way.  And the tomato juice takes the sting out of your mouth very quickly.

I sometimes blend raw garlic into tomatoes - it's a good combination.


The only trouble I can see with it - Garlic Tea works just fine as a search term, the first hit is a recipe. Honey, Lemon and GARLIC is its a very anti-social thing to drink !

Wierd, but I did one brew onion-beer, it stank...


Easy Peasy... Chicken buillion (or beef or veggie) and garlic.  Also works well with canned condensed soups, and add minced or dried minced garlic.  I do it all the time... at home.  Especially after a cold rainy day or during a cold.  Easy enough to make while sick, gentle enough on the stomach, and really helps reduce the time you are sick.  (or prevent)

1. Make some garlic tea by putting one cup of water in a small pot and break off one small piece from a garlic clove then cutup in halves. If you making tea for more than one person, increase the amount of water by a cup and add another piece of a garlic from a garlic clove each time you add a cup and increase the amount of honey and lemon juice. For example, for two cups, add two cutup pieces from a garlic clove.

2. Let the water and the garlic come to a boil and then turn the heat off. You don't want it to over boil.

3. Add lemon juice and honey to the garlic water and stir. Take the garlic pieces away from the water and then serve.

Hope this helps!

Google. Type in "Garlic Tea"