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How to make homemade capacitor charger circuit? Answered

I cannot find any disposable Kodak cameras in our place,I need it to take power from a single 1.5 V battery and turn it into 160 V DC


These you can build with a simple transistor radio speaker transformer.

High Voltage.gifHigh Voltage 2.gif

Great choice::-D
I got about a dozen more of each yellow in a bigger box on a lower shelf

Quit often I do to them the same thing people do to flybacks.

That is what I did to the transformer in this coil gun and it runs 3 volts up to 300 volts, it works good.



Nice construct
I don't see any yellow xfmrs !
Can you read by it, when tent camping ?

The yellow one is in the light it will light up my living room in a black out.

The coil gun below the light is wired like a flyback driver only using a inductor shaped like a transformer.


4 years ago

Here is a plan for you.
To raise the voltage increase the secondary turns.
The bridge can be made using four 1N4006 diodes.

2B-10P-80S coil (tube).jpg_thumb.png2B-10P-80S coil.jpg_thumb.png

I like the Toroid, that is the same basic circuit as a flyback driver isn’t it?

It's joule thief oscillator configuration using a TO-3 NPN 15A 60V
which is a kind of flyback driver running on only 1.5 volts and may run
down to 0.9 VDC.

When saturation of the core can no longer support any additional
flux increase,  the base current stops and the transistor cuts the
primary current commencing the flyback phase.

At Kickback, the primary inverts and raises voltage trying to maintain
the same direction of current flow
( a voltagewhich the NPN must be able to withstand )
and the flux must begin a fast fall which reverses the current flow
in the secondary coil output and pumps energy into the capacitor.

These 2 examples are very simple but effective methods of doing what you want.

In both cases you can use a choke with more turns or make your own choke to alter the output voltage.