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How to make light weight and moveable, wall display for a large collection of earrings Answered

My dream catcher with wool 'tails' (+ 2') is on it's last legs. I have been hanging my very large (100+) collection of earrings on this for over 20 yrs.  Does anyone have any ideas for a nice looking way to hang all my earrings so I can see them, but also be able to take them off the wall and lock them up when, for example, I go on vacation. Now, I just wrap and fold them up in a towel and lock them up in a cabinet.


Hey marimikk,

I hang my danglers on a window screen.

Just staple a piece of screen inside an empty picture frame and you'll be able to move it/hang it almost anywhere. You could also doll up the frame for added "pretty".

Your dreamcatcher earring display is beautiful, btw! Clever, too!


Thanks bajablue,
I actually have a frame with a screen that a friend made, but it's too heavy. I guess though, a lighter frame would work. I'll have to look around for something attractive, large enough for my collection, but small enough to fit in my filing cabinet in order to lock it up.
Now I'm getting all sorts of ideas - like a frame that has enough space on the backside where I could stretch the screen, hang my earrings & then flip the frame to show them or flip to hide them!
Thanks again!

Oh yes... I like your idea, marimikk!  Sounds like a great Instructable!  Bummer that you have to hide or lock them up though. ;-( 

I happen to have an earring fetish, too.  I mean seriously... there's no such thing as having too many earrings! ;-)