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How to make lighted wine bottles without drilling? Answered

I don't have a glass drill bit, is there another way to install the lights in a wine bottle either using another type of drill bit or a way that I don't need to drill?


The Dremel Diamond bit has worked really well for me... I think I bought mine at Lowes for around $24 (with lubricant). You can also get pre-drilled bottles from www.LightUpBottles.com

try drilling under water with a cordless drill and a masonry bit.

Try drilling with grinding paste and a copper tube of the required diameter.

Try looking for a lamp holder that is made for bottles and does not require the bottle drilling.


for example from amazon.


6 years ago

Drop a throwie led into the bottle.
If you don't like only 3 days of light,
Go wireless Power and feed the power from outside the bottle
( Last Pic ).



Uh... Doesn't a wine bottle already have a hole in it? I mean the hole in the top with a cork stuck in it. You know, the hole through which the wine gets poured out. Can wires be routed in, and out, through that hole? Is the light-emitting component small enough to fit through the hole? Cannot a beam of light itself be directed into the bottle through this hole?

If they don't need to be accurate, you can carefully melt holes through with a gas torch, ensuring to try and keep the heat even and heat it slowly.

Alternatively, some sort of abrasive cutting disk should do the job if you are careful.

Try a diamond bit in a dremel type tool ?