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How to make money online ? Answered

Hi, I am 16 years old and i am from Fiji. My parent don't usually support my electronic project and think its a waste of time and i should find something better to do. So i need to make money online somehow cause i have internet access. I am just 16 to i don't have a master or visa card . So please help me out and let me know of some great ways to do so.


It's a really good way to make money, and what you do is cool. I support you! Go on!

you can make money off youtube if you are popular enough.


4 years ago

I'll tell you of some I have noticed surfing around...have not actually tried to make money this way, but...

The instructables forums often have people who are looking for help designing or building circuits, same for Jameco.com forums
https://www.tindie.com/ is a site that allows you to sell electronics projects
squidoo.com is a site that lets you sell 3d designs
shapeways.com lets you sell 3d printed items
etsy.com sell crafty things you make
If you do photography, you may be in a unique enough location to sell pictures on http://www.istockphoto.com/

You might try to work as a local travel agent/planner. If you had something to offer (as a Fijian) that outsiders did not, you might make a little from the tourist trade. I spent a little time in the South Pacific several years ago. You don't happen to speak Pidgin/Bislama do you? I know that's from the islands to the north west, but just thought you might.

Tru, yu save long tok pisin? Longtaim mi stap long PNG, na Tok Pisin i olsem namba tu tokples bilong mi.

I just know i little what my friend thought me , his from solomon. me, stilem understand pisin. you blow understand me blow sem ?... miem love em u....hehehe...

There is a growing market for specialist local guides for tourists. My father had a stop-over in the Bahamas and (online) contacted a local guide for a bird-watching trip. The guide met him at his hotel before dawn, then took him in a hire-car to the kinds of places that only a local would find, and helped him add about a dozen birds to his life-list in only a few hours. You don't have to be a birder yourself, just know where local birders go to see them. It's the same for any other wildlife - tourists will pay a premium for having a guide to themselves, even if it means watching whales from a canoe instead of a launch.

(Oh, I forgot - you'd have to get yourself a website, or contact a travel agency in the US, UK or Europe).

I can't help but wonder if there's a market for decent ones here, granted americans seem happy with the cheesy shop and miserable bus...

*gag* Believe me, when I set foot on the Emerald Isle, your abode will be the first place I track down for a decent guide...

Annoy? My dear man, I will be a blessing to the fair lasses of Irene...

Such is life...

Is it just me, or do we gifts both have on aviators and chipper hats?

Decent guides? In the UK, RSPB reserves often have guides dedicated to that site, who are generally knowledgeable about all the wildlife in the area, and will do tours at very reasonable rates.

Other nature groups can also put you in touch with local experts.

I meant more generally than just wildlife, the only large reserve close to town is the harbour one, which is quite nice, loads of species, further out there are a few aswell...

I can almost assure you there's a market for the American tousrist. You'd either have to greatly undercut the cheesy competition, until you got established, or advertise totally differently. If you limited the size of your group (4 or so) and gave them an experience they'd never forget, I think there are quite a few Americans who'd pay handsomely.

I can't do that guys cause i am living far away from any tourist attractions and i also don't wanna do that.

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If you don't want to go the tourist route, you'll probably have to find something you can market. Find something that is only easily obtained in the South Pacific, that the rest of the world might want. Then it's a matter of putting it on eBay, or setting up your own website for selling. I read your ible on making a lovo, and it was really good. You might write a guide for traditional methods of doing things in the islands. I know there's got to be a market for that somewhere. But if you're looking for a way to make money, strictly on the internet (without buying and selling real goods), I can't really help. Most of those methods are innefective or dishonest. There may be a good way out there to do it, but I don't know of it.

Hey, thanks for that great help. As i am only 16 i don't have a visa or a credit card so i can't sell things online using paypal. So its really hard that way. Hey do you think if i made a site or an instructable and tell people to do cool things traditional ways and sell stuff that is rare would i be able to make money. If you are interested then i have collected some pretty rare stuff here at Fiji. I have a crate full of rare island stones , some indigenous rare plants, some traditional tasty recipe and some cool seeds and animals.

Yep, we did something similar in the Bahamas. We wanted to see something most tourists never would. Our taxi driver took us all over through real neighborhoods, and to the docks to watch the conch trade. It was much more memorable thant the touristy bars, shops and casino.


9 years ago

Ok, i think i would do the tourism job , but before i do it i need to ask some question please. 1. Am i too young to do this ? 2. would the tourist not hire me looking at my age ? 3. i wanted to set up a website and put everything there related to fiji and also sell some stuff and also give guides to tourist round fiji at package prices. 4. Any other tips on this ?

There isn't really any way to make money online that is worth any time, if you don't provide a service. Don't even bother with those ad sites where they let you watch ads or follow links or fill out surveys. They take waayyy too long to do, and for little money at all in pay. We're talking pennies.

If you were to do something, you could create a product and sell it on a website.

etsy.com is a great place to start if you are good at making things. People sell buttons, paper crafts, lamps, shirts, hats, etc. And some people make some really good money, because they have good products and devote themselves to them.

Spreadshirt.netis good if you are are creative, and are a good designer. You make designs for clothing, and they put the images on the shirts and print and ship them to the customer. It doesn't cost anything (I believe). Cafepress is a similar service.

Darn. No Australian users for etsy.com . I would have loved to put some designs up and open a shop.


9 years ago

i already use cash crate and treasure trooper and made some good money. But it is still not good for me. i need a good and reliable method. I was thinking of making some gadgets from instructables and selling them. is there another good suggestion please ?


9 years ago

Ok, thanks ill try cafepress but can you give more information about cafepress ? Also is there any other ways ?

My suggestion would be spreadshirt, it has a more flexible working model and cafepress is a bit hard to get in to... If you're good on the old video making you can make money via videos using metacafe, revver and other paying video sites, I like revver who apparently have fixed their problems, my account has over $50 sitting in it...