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How to make my Instructables files for membership only. Answered

Hi! I am still not familiar with publishing my Instructables. Kindly advise me how to make some of files in my Instructables for membership only.


Use the "Private" option. It's under "More" to the right of the "Share" button when you are composing / editing.


I have been assigned other matters.
Thank you very much for many comments.

I am afraid but I have asked improperly.
I want to publish my Instructables openly. But some of files attached to Instructables(such as Arduino code or ZIP file) only for pro-members.

I encounter some in other person's Instructables, when I view without log-in and try to open or download some files, the window (membership benefit) appears and requests to log-in.
I just want to know how to do so for my certain attached files in my Instractables.

Sorry for late reply and annoying you.

Oh, that happens automatically. On any instructable, if you are not logged in with a pro account, certain things are restricted from you. You can always test it to make sure you're getting the results you want by logging out and viewing your instructable. :)

Thank you for your reply. I understand that certain attached files are restricted automatically. But that means I cannot choose a certain file to be blocked and others to open. My understanding is correct ?

The site generates a pdf for every Instructable, you need to be a member to download that. Other files I believe are not restricted.


However, that does not make the Instructable "members only". It hides the project completely from anybody you have not given the URL to.

True, but I can't think of a better way to restrict access.


Maybe if we had a "restricted to followers" option in addition to "private"?

It could work, but I don't see why someone would want Instructables for membership only?


Meh, it was only an idea.

I sometimes think that it would be nice to be able restrict projects to "followers only" for a day or three, as a kind of a thank you for following.

Or maybe that could be a pro feature (the K'NEX crowd would love to be able to do that).

Yes they would possibly like that...


As you can infer from the comments below, that is not a feature. You can make an Instructable private, in which case you must e-mail the exact URL to whomever you want to be able to see it. Otherwise, all of the information on this site is public. You still own the intellectual property (unless you release it with the appropriate license).