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How to make natural flower jewelry? Answered

I have searched everywhere and cannot get any info on this. I am trying to get instructions on aking real (natural) rose & natural flower and leaf jewelry. I have seen these for sale, but there is never any info on how to do it. They are still in their 3d shape and some even remain soft and pliable. I think it is down with resin , poly resin, or acrylic. An example can be seen at: www.firemountain.com after you reach the website, in the search box enter item # H20-7497JW I am also posting a photo for you to see. As I said, there is NOTHING on any sites with instructions. Thanks so much, Patti Meadows




Best Answer 9 years ago

Is this close?

Thanks so much for your reply. Yes this is one of the way I was referring to. I have not been able to find anything with instructions. Thanks for any help. Patti Meadows

Please email for a updated list of real flowers for jewelry