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How to make plastic bats fly? Answered

I thought I successfully entered this question before, but I don't think it worked so...here goes: I have 2 dozen cheap plastic/rubber bats that I would like to make fly around my yard this Halloween. Can anyone please help


You're going to have to hang them from something. If you can run black cord or very thing but strong cord. I would say use kevlar but if it's low and some gets caught in it it's dangerous because it can cut them so badly. Anyway from these upper cords you hang your bats. if you use black thread it will not be visible at night of low light conditions. If you hook a a motor with an offset pulley to them you can make them swing to simulate movement.

Ha ha! Thanks for your answer Re-design...I laugh because I have no idea how to hook up a motor or offset pulley. Can you help me? I am very artistic, but very technically challenged. If it helps, I have an extremely large maple tree on the north side of my yard and a crabtree on the south, about 30-40 feet apart.

You'll have to find a motor that you can control the speed on. A dc motor would be great. 40- 60 rpm would be about right. Mount a pulley or disk of wood about a foot in diameter. attach a bolt to the disk. make a loop of wire around the bolt and tie string to the loop that you attach to your main hanging strings. As the motor turns it will pull the bats back and forth.

Simpler (but not automated) idea. Do this: Attach bat(s) to string(s). Run string(s) through pulley. Pull string so the bat(s) jerk up and down.

That would work but then somebody's got to miss out on the party.

Thanks to you too Kryptonite! I will def go with fishing line. Invisible is good!

Re-design is right robot, that is a good idea, but I don't want anyone to miss out on the party, and I sure as hell am not gonna miss it! :) Thanks a bunch for the idea!! I will see if I can make your idea work re-design. Thanks again to you both and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Fishing line would give a more invisible look.