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How to make reusable sanitary pads Answered

How do I make affordable reusable sanitary pads for poor school girls in East Africa?


Perhaps a better and more viable question would be to ask, "How can I make free sanitary pads."
As DW stated, anything reusable needs to be washed, they can't afford to use clean water. This could leed to more issue than not having them in the first place. 

Wow! I hadn't though of that but I need something sustainable. so the question is: How do I make free sustainable sanitary pads available for poor school girls in East Africa?

 Free?  I don't think that is a viable option.  Low cost would be your best bet.  

If I were you, I would try starting some form of charity, give it a catchy title (Pads for the Poor?), and try to convince a manufacturing company to give you a steep discount on their goods, buy in bulk, and send it down to africa.

One place you might try is local churches (I'm atheistic, but I can see the good that they do in foreign nations).  My mom's church managed to collect over 70,000 dollars for their adopted African area (during the christmas season).  If you got multiple church organizations to chip in, you might be able to do something great.

Exactly, water, unlike here, is a very limited resource (people often traveling long distances to wells for buckets of water).  

 This does not seem like a viable option.  Sanitary pads and vaginal secretions are not the most clean of things.  Especially considering they can be develop bacteria.

The most common thing to this would be the cloth diaper, used by some environmentally conscious (and money tight) people.  The reason people in developed nations can do this and poor school girls can't is the constant supply of water, and adequate cleaning stations.

Poor school girls cannot access regular sources of water that are clean, and sanitize the cloth adequately.  Also, soap and sanitizing supplies are not regular fixtures in a poor nations supply kit.  

If a woman took their sanitary pads to a river or pond for instance, bacteria in the water could be transferred to the vaginal area, and cause disease.

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