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How to make room cooler using air cooler? Answered

I have recently purchased an kenstar air cooler.It has a 12 litre capacity.,but the cooling is not there for the whole room.Can anyone tell me how to make my room cooler as if I'm using a air conditioner.I want my whole room to be very cool.




2 years ago

Go naked ,,open the cooler and let it blow directly to your genitals ....thats the best way ahhhhh....


pour ice cold water & keep ice on the top where water coirculates

If you want cooling like an air conditioner provides, you need an air conditioner.

Thats for degrees fahrenheit. If you want to make it cooler by degrees Fonzarelli, you need a leather jacket and a triumph.

Cold air falls LOW... and will keep on falling right down your furnace vents and into the basement. So, you might want to block off your furnace vents that are near the floor so the cooled air stays in the room, rather than falling down into the basement. That might help a little.

This is an evaporative cooler?
You're limited to what it can do, if you want air-conditioned coolness you need an air-conditioner.
Once you're room is saturated with moisture, the performance is really going to drop-off.


 get a fan if you believe that the problem is that the air isn't circulating well.  if you're simply trying to cool too large an area with a single cooler, get another.

The cooler cools air and blows into the room.  If parts of the room are not getting cooled then the cooled air is not getting to all of the room.  Get a floor fan to distribute the cool air better.

Plug it in, turn it on, put it on the setting you want, presto, instacool.