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How to make / source storage clipboard for Ipad. Help? Answered

How do I (as an ER doc) make a storage clipboard that will hold my ipad and a few other tools. I need it about 5cm deep. Nothing available to buy that Ive found.  Help?

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/71FFHL7fTWL._AA1500_.jpg  was tried but I want a tray (with foam to hold in position) and tray below for ipad ( so inside a deep holder with a clip on the front.


BabyDocMac, I actually felt the same pain as you and was driven to invent an iPad clipboard for myself. I'm actually working to bring it to market this summer, we're running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary money right now. You should check it out!


That gives me an idea. Take some metal from an old pc case and make one. Might have to purchase the hinge from the HW store and then sacrifice the clip part from a dollar store clipboard.

There are several options actually. None specifically say they have foam on them, but that can easily be solved by using a non-slip mat (available in many stores, used a drawer liner etc). They are nice and thin, but keep things put, so you can either glue it in or use double sided tape.

This one at Amazon.com is 2 inches deep and made of aluminum.

This one, also from Amazon.com is 2.4 inches deep and made of plastic. $22.31

This one (available in the U.K.) is made of plastic, it has a light, calculator and storage. Overall depth is 6cm. 

If you need more help, let us know. :)

Do you mean to say you want an iPad flush with the surface of a clipboard?

No. I want a one inch or so box with a clipboard over it. Ive tried
but its only deep enough for my kit ( I made a foam drawer liner from a previous posted instructable or life hack).