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How to make this laser diode to work ??? (from HP printer)? Answered

Hi ... I would like to ask, if some one knows how to make this laser diode to work. I just took it out from our office printer that was "old" and they wanted to throw it away. I was trying to find out the datasheet for the RH4-5339, but no luck to find it - so I have no clue why it's there.

Thank you in advance for your answers.



I have the same exact module that I am trying to figure out.

I believe you are correct in that the IC is a diode array from what I have read.

However, I still can't find a datasheet for the pinouts so I know how to wire it up.

Also, the laser diode is a 4 pin package. It has one pin for the visible laser, one for infrared, one for the common ground, and another for the photo diode.

I pulled my unit from an HP 2200 laser printer. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please be careful with that laser.
The beam is invisible and can damage your eyes. (Get some standard laser eye protection) I know I will have to get a set if I mess with the one I have.
The chip your asking about you will need to contact one of the Chinese manufactures as they will only give you the data sheet if you are going to buy them in large quantities.

I do not know how to power it up yet but I bet after a few months I will.
I worked in the industry as a laser tech running a high power laser that would blind you just from a surface reflection!

Please read this.....


8 years ago

The laser diode is abouve the RH-4. You can see 3 points (VCC, LP,LD) ... on the second picture, you can just the black "tube"/housing. The diode is inside + some lens appeared to be at the end of the housing.


8 years ago

The RH4-5339 is what is written on the IC - where is the tag.

damned HP custom part number for a bet.

I don't even know if it's in the visible range so it may be working and you won't know it.

You'll probably have to wire it direct to the led.  The hardware on the pcb probably is looking for the right signals on the data line to tell it when to light up the led.

No ... or, at least it shouldn't be in the visible range. I want to use it for a spy listener (on window) ... and I was hoping, that I could use this board to power it up.

It's a good question (which I can't answer). I hope someone else can.