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How to make use of the discarded or wornout tires? Can these tyres be used for gardening ? Answered


Be careful about using old tires in areas where you spend a lot of time or eat produce grown inside them because there is some link to cancer/carcinogen.  You can run a Google search and make up your mind about that.  Personally, I wouldn't risk it with vegetable/fruit crops, but I'd consider doing it with my ornamentals.

If you are in the US, you can take them in for recycling since most landfills won't accept them due to it being illegal in most states.  They require special processing and can be turned into other products.

There's also all the crazy stuff that Earthship has done with tires, but you'd need quite a few of them.  You can build houses, sheds (as RMS suggested), walls, drainage diversions, foundations for patios, lots of stuff.

And then there are the "playground" applications like RMS mentioned.  You can bury them half way into the ground for a mini hurdle track/obstacle course or hang them from a tree for a swing.  You can cut them up, place them around in a clover type pattern, and fill with sand for a sandbox.

I've also seen these secured into the beds of rivers and ponds for the fish to use as hatcheries, but I'm pretty sure that's a bad idea.

Bottom line:  Check with the authorities and see what you can legally do.  You might not be allowed to use them outside because of pollution to local water systems, and your only option may be a recycling center.

Good point about the legal aspect. I had forgotten that some areas regulate tire disposal more than others. Here in the Hellmouth, things like that are pretty loose. 

Ya, Georgia isn't exactly known for its conservation efforts and concern about the environment (or its people for that matter).

Tell me about it... I moved here from Portland, Oregon. Culture shock much? Yikes.

Sure. You can fill them with dirt and make little raised planting beds; cut them in half and bury them on edge for edging; grind them up into tiny bits and use them as mulch; stack them up in a tall open rectangle, reinforce with rebar, fill with dirt or concrete, add a roof and you've got a garden shed, or just hang one from a tree and use it as a swing. Anything that keeps them out of the landfill...

Thanks to all of you about the information of used tyes.So nice.


8 years ago

For many years in Australia, folk have been making swans (yep, the bird), for their gardens with tyres. They are cut in a certain simple way, painted white,- and there's your swan!

They used to be in practically every garden!

You can also grow potatoes in stacked tyres-adding a tyre as the plant comes up (filling with soil of course!). Then, when ready, dismantle the tyres, and you have a looong root system with plenty of spuds. This can even be done on a concrete base.

Google these two up for a how to.