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How to make your own Quidditch Goals Answered

Does anyone have any plans to make your own backyard Quidditch Goals? We started an annual Thanksgiving Day Quidditch Game & it was a huge hit. We used hula hoops hung from trees as the goals but now I want to make something more permanent, well permanent in that I would like to be able to remove the posts & hoops from the yard & store them when not in use. I am thinking metal, maybe copper.  Any ideas? Anyone? Thanks


How about on one of those portable basketball poles?

Make them from various configurations of pipe and fittings. You may have to see what size pipe would give you the best strength and weight to keep it steady. You could use just galavanized steel pipe with fittings, electrical conduit, thicker pvc, or fancy copper and soldered joints. You could stake them in the ground or weight down with sandbags, guywires or even put the pole in a 5-gallon bucket filled with cement. Make a tripod base like a microphone stand. Good luck.

I need six of them, 3 per side & they are different heights, too. I will look into those basketball goals, though. Thanks for the suggestion.

We played quidditch at our last Cub camp, and I am *trying* to remember how we put them up (I was running a potion workshop at the time).

I think it was scaffolding poles of different heights, with hula hoops duct-taped to the top, and held up with guy-lines and tent-pegs.