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How to melt plastic bottles (pet) or other kind of plastics (no plastic bags) and be able to pour it into a mold? Answered



You know how when things don't work some people will just keep trying. I.e. re-install the software again, and again. Switch it off and on, again, replace the fuse repeatedly until they've run out of fuses? There's an underlying belief that if you keep trying the same thing enough times it'll work in the end.


Yes, I do know that, and ran across a great quote: "A sure sign of insanity is to perform the same action and expect different results."

Hey, sometimes that works for me when I'm troubleshooting.  Just loop the test until something starts to fail...


Please tell me you searched 'melt pet' and not recalled this by name by memory!

Follow the second link :-)  I just typed "melt plastic" and two identical questions, from two different usernames popped up.  Interestingly, neither user has any information in their profile except gender "guy" and ages 63 and 26.

<shrugs> looks legit to me.  <dies of sarcasm poisoning>

Vince Gingery at www.aol.com will show you how to create a plastic injection molding machine that should be what you want !

As above ,  you cant just increase th' heat to lower th' viscosity "cause plastics will spontaneously ignite if raised to too high of a temp

If I'm not mistaken, this was asked a week or so ago and the consensus was that you won't get pet to a pourable state.  It has to be pumped for and injection molding process.

Pouring plastic is usually a two part mixture that is heated.