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How to mend a small nick in a Playtex Living Glove? Answered

I use these gloves all the time to do dishes. They are a pretty sturdy glove. I like using the hottest water possible when hand washing dishes, pot and pans. But no matter how careful I try to be not to put a cut or tear in them, I usually do...and it's always my right glove. Is there some waterproof tape or glue to mend these. This last pair has just a tiny nick, but water still gets inside the glove. Thank you for any help in advance.



Best Answer 5 years ago

The same stuff that is used for patching inner tubes should work. You can get it at any hardware store or a WalMart. It uses rubber cement and a patch. You should be able to use a small piece from an old glove for a patch. If however they are more vinyl than rubber you might need to get a vinyl glue. That stuff works for a lot of things like inflatable mattresses. Try the rubber patch first and if that doesn't work then look for the vinyl repair glue.

Never thought of that. We have a waterbed (yeah, probably one of the few people left that do) and I'm sure I have some patch and glue somewhere. It would be waterproof for sure.

Clean around the tear with alcohol. Dry the area very well and patch using super glue. It will patch better if you cut a small circle from another glove to put behind the tear.

I do the same thing to a pair of gloves I have... I know its not the most orthodox method, but I patched the spot with some nail glue on the inside and outside. The last patch has been holding for over a year, so I guess it works. Any Crazy Glue should work as well if its just a small hole.

lol... Yes.

Like I said, not the most orthodox method... but it worked (for a year now). :)

Well, we're talking rubber gloves here...hahaha Not too concerned with looks or style.

Not exactly mending, but:
If you turn the old left hand glove inside-out
you will then have a right-hand glove.
Blow into the glove like a balloon to help get the
fingers extended in the "inside out" position.

I've done that in the past, but I loose the grip that's built into the outsides of the gloves. Might try it again though. So tired of buying these things all the time.

Keep the good one and use it to make up a pair next time - If it's the wrong hand put it on backwards it will still work.