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How to merge two partitions? Answered

Right now I have 20GB for in drive C and 80GB in drive D, the space on drive C became low and I try to add some free space from D into it. But I heard that the it requires to delete drive D first. I just don't want to lose my data on drive D, all my applications and games installed in it!! How am I supposed to do?  Any suggestion would be much appreciated!



5 years ago

This would be a bit more complicated than just resizing the partition if you have programs installed on D, altering or deleting D could cause registry issues and cause some programs to stop working. You can try partition magic and see if it can move some of the free space. I would back up the entire hard drive image to another drive first. If something goes wrong you will want to have both partitions if needed.

Assuming your are talking about a single drive with multiple partitions... There are programs that can resize partition D for you and then expand the C partition to fill the open space. Check out a program called Partition Commander.

Well, I suppose you are right about deleting partition thing. I suggest you back up all your partition files to a large external storage device if you have one. Then do it as following:

1. Right-click Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management, then right-click the graphic of the D partition and select Delete. The partition returns to unallocated for a Primary Partition or Free Space if it‘s a Logical Drive within an Extended Partition. Delete the partition if it is an Extended partition.
2. Now right-click the graphic of the C partition and select Extend.

Or you may use a third party utility like Partition Magic or Partition Assistant with no such restrictions in partition management snap-in.

For you to learn more:

I would just add that despite "nondestructive repartitioning" is possible, you should still take a backup first (and make sure it works). It is much too easy to fat-finger something (or the software messes up - despite guarantees to the contrary). too often have something that simply "can not go wrong(tm)" gone horribly wrong.

Bu then again, you already do have a backup of important data... right? :-)