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How to mod an AC adapter for the Harman Kardon Soundstick from other adapter? Answered

I have a HK Soundstick with a broken AC adapter. It costs me too much to buy a new one ($20 without postage). So may I mod some AC adapter (from notebook or other equipment) to use for my Soundstick? If yes, how can I do that?
Thank you all!



Best Answer 6 years ago

Look on the broken adapter and see what the ratings are.

Is it ac or dc?
What is the voltage?
If dc is the center post positive or negative?
What is the current rating?

After you know all this you need to find another one that matches these ratings.

The current rating can be higher.

You can cut the plug off the broken one and solder it on to the good one if you make sure the polarity is correct.  If ac it won't matter which wire goes to which one.

If you get it right it will work.  If you get it wrong it will probably ruin your player.


5 years ago

I built a replacement power supply for a Harman Kardon SoundStick by finding a laptop supply of approximately 35W on eBay. I bought an IBM Lenovo ThinkPad 16V 2.2A Laptop AC Power Supply Charger 85G6734 for £6.99 as it seemed about right and was a fair price (though then had to additionally by a clover style power chord for another £3 so check on eBay that you're buying the whole thing or that you have a power chord that is the same style).

I cut the end off of the power supply behind the choke as this was getting in the way.

Next fit a new plug - the Maplin 3 pin power DIN plug assembly (their code: N83KT £1.49) is the one you want. It's a bit complicated to assemble (and quite amazing for less than £2) but after a few tries it fits together well. There is some soldering required so you'll need to buy or borrow an iron and solder. I hadn't done any soldering for over 20 years - if you concentrate on melting the solder onto the joint to form a bond and don't worry about doing anything else you should be fine.

The pin connections are as shown here: http://www.bematech.com/support/download.... On the Lenovo power supply the sheathed centre wire is the +ve (pin B) and the outer stranded wire the -ve (pin A).

Good luck.