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How to obtain a triggered alarm (sound and webcam) for scooter parked outside (on the street) ? Answered

Hi everyboy,
i'm from Italy and I'm sorry since now if my english is not so fluent.
As described in title, i'm gonna change home and now i've to park my scooter outside. I'm a little afraid because I've only a big big chain but nothing more.
I need this only when my scooter is parked outside (and I'm at home: there's a window that looks just on the street)
Does anyone knows how to create a triggered alarm (by movement or touch -I don't know what is the best thing) that can turn on my webcam  and make my pc (or something else) sound?

Thank you all for your help,




8 years ago

Hi i'm italian too ^^ i think you need a tilt switch or a mercury switch or a non mercury switch you can find something similar there : https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-simple-%22motion%22-sensors/ connected to this: http://www.zen22142.zen.co.uk/Circuits/Alarm/sma.html and this has to be connected to a modified phone (for example ) that will send if activated an sms to you or, simply a rf transmitter thatt will turn on your pc or the activation key that will start to register with a webcam (linux ogigia could be a good choise for you) hope that will help you, regards

Do you have any other ideas people? I'd need your collaboration..:-) Thank you anyway.. Bye BYE

Try http://www.vitamindinc.com/
This is brilliant software. Unfortunately you have to pay for the full version (it has not been cracked yet). The free version will record when triggered by movement but you can only sound an alarm withe the full version.