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How to open and repair cordless hand drill? Answered

Today i was drilling and it started to smoke. It does that only when working. It smells like plastic and i can see fire inside, behind the motor, What's burning?
Than i tried to open the cover but it seems something is still holding at the end of the machine. Should i unscrew also the chuck?  


its short curcuting pop it open an look where the wires touch.


7 years ago

If it is a Makita-
I had a Makita that caught on fire while drilling small holes in wood; I set it down and looked back a few minutes later, and it was on fire. This tool had been given to me, brand new, by the local lumberyard, because one of their delivery drivers had driven over my client's mailbox and then absconded. I rebuilt the mailbox and post system, including new concrete, etc, and the lumberyard provided the materials and drill. The drill was my "payment". After it caught fire, I put it back in the box and went back to the lumberyard. As I was walking in, the Makita rep just happened to be walking out. I said "Hey, check this out", and opened the box, releasing the burnt plastic stink throughout the front of the store. The rep quickly shut the box, listened to my story, and made sure I got a new drill ASAP. If they had had one of the same model in the store at that time, I would have walked out with a new drill, but they didn't, so I had to wait a week. About 7 months later, the freebie drill had a drivetrain explosion, and I swore off Makita products for good. Several years later, I borrowed a Makita 18v Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver, and almost immediately bought one of my own. It weighs less than 3 lbs, and will take the lug nuts off of my truck, and has provided several years of (heavily used and abused) service.
The morals of the story: (1) Deal with the relevant local rep in a public location, face to face, and they'll make it right. (2) Don't give up on one brand of tool just because you had a bad experience or two. (3) Always demo or borrow tools to get a feel for them, and (4) Online reviews must be taken with several grains of salt.

If it's burned, like the lacquer on the motor-windings then it's uneconomical to repair, but possible.
Yes, get the thing apart which ever way you have to, and see what's cooked.